don't fall for the hoax! mark zuckerberg is not giving away millions of dollars to facebook users

Don't fall for the hoax! Mark Zuckerberg is NOT giving away millions of dollars to Facebook users

23rd-Dec 2015
We're sorry to have to break it to you, but Mark Zuckerberg isn't going to give ...
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the 10 pitfalls of dating a beautiful woman

The 10 Pitfalls Of Dating A Beautiful Woman

22nd-Dec 2015
Men are often thought of as visual creatures. You can’t blame us for being super...
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after seeing this, you'll never use cotton swabs to clean your ears again

After Seeing THIS, You'll Never Use Cotton Swabs To Clean Your Ears Again

18th-Nov 2015
So when blockages from wax do occur, it's generally because the person has been ...
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understand the truth of life is still love your life

Understand the truth of life is still love your life

9th-Oct 2015
There is a world of heroism, Understand the truth of life is still love your lif...
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chinese scientist wins nobel prize for malaria treatment

Chinese scientist wins Nobel Prize for malaria treatment

6th-Oct 2015
A female Chinese scientist has just been awarded half of the 2015 Nobel Prize in...
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7 expensive things in the world that will blow your mind.

7 Expensive Things In The World That Will Blow Your Mind.

4th-Oct 2015
It’s not about being rich, it’ all about status. Sometimes simple things are sol...
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wait if i have money, what i am thinking to do

Wait if I have money, What I am thinking to do

2nd-Oct 2015
1, Buy two BMW, one car is in front to clear the way, second one in a back, I am...
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