10 people last wishes that make you cry

10 People’s Last Wishes That Will Make You Cry

31st-Mar 2017
Life is mortal but no one wishes to die, all of us know that a time will come fo...
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25 unbelievable but true facts

25 Unbelievable but True Facts

30th-Mar 2017
What's the weirdest fact you know of? Here are some facts which sound Like Huge...
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area calculation in nepal, ropani anna , kattha, bigha haat and more

Area Calculation in Nepal, Ropani Anna , Kattha, Bigha haat and more

22nd-Dec 2016
Units of Area Calculation in Nepal,Ropani-Anna to sq. ft and Sq.ft to Ropani-Aa...
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15 buddha quotes that will put your soul @ ease.

15 Buddha Quotes That Will Put Your Soul @ Ease.

5th-Dec 2016
sidartha Gautam known as "Buddha" was an actual man, and his life story has bee...
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8 habits you develop after living alone for a long time

8 Habits You Develop After Living Alone For a Long Time!!

2nd-Aug 2016
The word "alone" has many negative connotations, but when used in the context of...
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morning shower actually saves you more time and makes you more relaxed

Morning Shower Actually Saves You More Time and Makes You More Relaxed

29th-Jul 2016
Shower isn’t just a shower anymore… People often use them for a variety of reaso...
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7 ways to protect your positive mood from negative people

7 Ways to Protect Your Positive Mood from Negative people

27th-Jun 2016
Your life becomes so much better when you kick toxic people out the door. You c...
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10 benefits of jogging every morning

10 benefits of Jogging!!

18th-May 2016
Every morning and evening, we see people running in the parks. People jog every ...
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are you a boss or a leader

Are You A Boss Or A Leader !

18th-Apr 2016
Did you know there is a big difference when it comes to being a leader vs. a bos...
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health tips for your heart, mind, and body!

Health Tips for Your Heart, Mind, and Body!

3rd-Apr 2016
Eating well offers long-term health benefits, such as reducing your risk for hea...
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